Female stimulation point

Last article I have discuss about orgasm, in these post I’d like to focus on female stimulation point as the continuation of last post.

Orgasm which require more understanding and more communication could be achieve when you finish reading this post. To make it easier, lets understand or study each of female stimulation point. With it, orgasm would be easy issues to solve.

Fact shows us that many women unable to reach orgasm because doesn’t have good timing, in most cases the male got early ejaculation issues, which made women couldn’t get orgasm.

Some experts suggest that couple should have foreplay more longer to get quality sex. In order to help you to achieve it, lets have a look at female stimulation point.

Lip, is the first point. kissing, sucking, biting and many other action could increase the passion and desire.

Clitoris is the key of sexual orgasm in most women, so if you doesn’t know the exact location (each of human have different anatomy, so its exact position only the person knew it) ask her where it is. The stimulation could be gather with tongue, finger or the combination of both of them.

The G-spot area which is inside the vagina are not easy place to find, so you need to be more patient, and seek it in foreplay.

Nipples, both men and women have sensitive nipples, and these are the next stimulation point.
Wrist also stimulation point, many women like their couple kiss or lick their wrist. Back then, you might also found some men kissing the wrist of women in order to show their attention to the woman.

Instead of wrist, legs also stimulation point, tickling or touch in legs could gain passionate and desire. Ears and neck are the next point, just a gasp could make a lot of different.

And these are common female stimulation point, but words could give you lots more different. Saying her name or by simply saying “I love you”, could change the result.

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